Oncourse Education Collaborative

About Us

Relationships matter to academic success!


Building positive relationships between youth and adults is essential for any educational organization to develop long term academic achievement for students. This is not just some feel-good pronouncement we like to make. It is based on extensive, high-quality research that has been validated over a century of academic inquiry (don’t believe us-John Dewey first published The School and Society in 1900). Yet in this time of high stakes testing, many education institutions have shifted their focus to only developing academic rigor and have forgotten, or at least placed on the backburner, the importance of developing positive, rich and mentor based relationships with youth. This is how the Oncourse Education Collaborative can help your organization: we help schools and other organizations that work with youth to develop the skills within their faculties and staffs to build relationships that will help students achieve

School and District Level Consulting

The Oncourse Education Collaborative is part of a network of experienced, highly credentialed professionals who have the ability to help schools with significant populations of at-promise students. We have expertise that can help your students achieve and build sustainable organizational capacity within your school or school system. All of our partners either have earned education relevant Ed.D. or Ph.D degrees or are actively pursuing a doctorate. Some of our areas of expertise include:
Tiered Supports/Positive Behavior Supports
Organizational Leadership
Curriculum and Instruction
Social Emotional Learning
Mentoring and Coaching
Financial Development
Personalized Learning
School Safety and Preventative Practices
Building Capacity for Common Core Standards
Our Corporate Leadership

Executive Officers and Co-Founders
Rev. Charles Miller, President

Ms. Elizabeth "Liz" Roper, Vice-President

Mr. R. Scott Lee, Vice-President

Board of Trust

Dr. Norman Powell, Professor of Education, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY
Dr. Steve Van Bockern, Professor of Education and Co-Founder of Reclaiming Youth International, Sioux Falls, SD